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What can you do when distracted driving puts your health at risk

With recent technological advancements, many individuals across the country find it hard to avoid using certain electronics, even while driving. You may believe that devices such as cell phones are an excellent way to stay connected, but they can also act as a dangerous distraction while out on the road. If you were recently in a serious car accident, chances are distracted driving may have played a significant role.

Recent studies suggest that distracted driving plays a part in many current car accidents, with results showing that cell phone usage alone nearly quadruples the potential for an accident to occur. If your accident caused you to suffer serious injuries, you might wish to discover if distracted driving was a contributing factor.

What types of actions constitute distracted driving?

While there are a few measures that are more common amongst accidents involving distracted drivers, you will find that there are countless activities that can contribute to this type of negligence. These actions fall into three distinct categories, which are:

  • Manual: Any action that causes a driver to take his or her hands off the wheel can be dangerous. Talking on the phone or eating/drinking while driving naturally reduces a person's ability to safely operate a vehicle, as well as reducing his or her ability to react to certain situations while driving.
  • Visual: If a person chooses to divide his or her attention between driving and other actions, such as reading a text or viewing an event on the side of the road, he or she can travel a long distance without being properly aware of all things in the immediate vicinity.
  • Cognitive: Actions that take a portion of a driver's attention off the task at hand, such as talking to passengers or having a phone conversation, typically impair a person's ability to drive safely. If a nearby driver is unable to fully concentrate on the road, your safety may be at risk in the process.

While there are a multitude of actions that constitute distracted driving, the result is often the same. Accidents involving distracted drivers are often catastrophic in nature, and related injuries can wreak havoc on your day-to-day life.

Where to turn for guidance and assistance

Perhaps your injuries are making it difficult to carry out daily tasks, or they forced you to take a temporary leave from work. You also may be experiencing various emotional and physical hardships following your accident. If the other driver is culpable of this type of negligence, you may wish to hold him or her accountable through the civil justice system.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with advice throughout this stressful and challenging period. Your knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the circumstances revolving around your accident and help you pursue restitution through a claim against the party deemed at fault.

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